Espiant Digital Acuity System

The Espiant digital visual acuity system is an app-based product which
runs on either an Apple or Android device and WiFi in your office.
All of the standard features are available that are common on most
computer eyecharts, with the difference being it's ability to run from
an app. What you see on your device is the same as on the monitor,
which also saves you from having to look on the wall to verify the letters.

Espiant Acuity also allows the ability to display any content you wish from
the Apple TV that is provided. If you have an app-based patient education,
this can also be displayed.

Espiant Acuity system

Here is a recent installation which replaced an old LongLife projector,
and quickly modernized the room! The iPod is used to operate the letters,
and it's held on an arm for convenience (included).